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Coming soon: Active Plus at Military Tuesday

On Tuesday 26 April between 10am-4pm, Danny and his instructors from Active Plus will be joining us at Skills Launchpad Plymouth in Barclays, Armada Way.

The team at Active Plus have worked across Devon and Plymouth for a number of years, using the skills and experiences of ex-armed forces personnel to deliver activities and courses that help people regain their confidence and unlock their potential. They've also delivered to businesses, who benefit from their team building, communication and problem-solving activities in a way that makes teams more cohesive and effective.

At Skills Launchpad Plymouth on Tuesday 26 April, the team will be available to meet with any military veterans or service leavers who would benefit from their unique programmes that build confidence, communication, motivation and self-belief; unlocking and nurturing the potential of participants regardless of their background and circumstance. No need to book, just pop in.

Katie from our key delivery partner RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity will also be available between 10am-4pm and our pop-up Building Plymouth job shop is open between 12-2pm.


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