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Carers Passport launches in Plymouth!

On November 28 2022, Plymouth launched the Carers Passport, to recognise the value and support that carers provide.

The passport has been launched by health and social care partners across the city including, Livewell Southwest, University Hospital’s Plymouth NHS Trust, Plymouth City Council, Improving Lives Plymouth and St Luke’s. It highlights the expertise carers bring, and the needs they have in terms of their own health and welfare.

The new Carers Passport is an A5 booklet with information about caring, and a credit card sized Carer Identification card. Included is:

• A recognisable way for carers to identify their caring role to health, social care and other organisations

• Discounts at participating businesses

• Access to information and support to help with caring

• An opportunity to connect with other carers

• An emergency alert card

• Some discounts in healthcare settings, depending on circumstances

The carers passport is FREE and available for carers aged 18 or over, who provide care for a Plymouth resident, of any age. It gives carers the chance to gain confidence in speaking with health and social care staff, about the person they care for.

To request a carers passport, you will first need to register with Caring for Carers in any of the following ways:

• Via the Plymouth Online Directory, here

• By telephone on 01752 201890

• Via email at (please include your full name, address, date of birth and the name and address of the person you care for)

There is also help available for all the young carers in Plymouth. If you are a young carer, please click here for help and support.

To find out more about the carers passport and the benefits that it can offer you, click here


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