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Are you NEET? Or at risk of being NEET?

Groundwork South are running The Experience Works Project. The project is part funded by the European Social Fund, offering support and mentoring to young people who need it most.

Groundwork South are working with young people between the ages of 15-24, offering a mentor that will support and enhance their employability skills, education and training. Most importantly, they will focus on well being.

The project aims to give young people who are struggling with education and training, the support and tools they need.

The programme understands that everyone’s journey is different, so offers something for everyone.

Each individual is:

Supported through regular mentoring sessions, tailored to their needs

Helped to recognise their own talents

Supported with overcoming barriers

Guided to find a career path that best suits them

Access to 121 support

Not only will the mentor help with education and training support, they are also on hand to offer advice and guidance on personal issues.

Whilst on the project, the mentor is part of your support network. The aim is to help you build a positive sense of yourself and your worth. You will gain transferable skills and coping strategies for day to day life.

Whatever the future holds for you, let it be a bright one!

For further information on this great programme, email

To discover more about Groundwork South and The Experience Works Project, click here


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