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Aged 19+? Build your confidence in number skills with the Multiply Programme and Real Ideas

Are you keen to take the next step into a digital future, but anxious about maths? The Multiply programme could be just what you need!

Multiply is a new programme offering you free, and easy to access courses and initiatives, to help you brush up on your numeracy skills.

Real Ideas are offering a series of free courses to eligible adults, taking some of the fear out of figures.

What can you expect?:

The courses will cover digital skills, immersive technology, filming, and creative printmaking skills. These courses are designed for people who want to build practical confidence in everyday maths skills, and potentially create their first step in a pathway to a qualification.

Sessions include:

Developing a basic understanding of immersive tech plus 360 filmmaking

Learning and being able to use 360 degree cameras and video editing software Exploring screen printing and printmaking techniques

Learning how to use print equipment Designing and producing your own prints


• Aged 19+

• Have not achieved GCSE Maths grade 4-9 / A*-C previously,

• Would benefit from improved numeracy and maths in a whole variety of ways

• Live in Plymouth

• An interest in digital tech and 360 filmmaking

Don’t let the fear of numbers stop you achieving your potential! For details on how to apply, and to find out more about the courses available, see below:


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