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16+? Is mental health affecting your work or studies? Let Able Futures support you.

Able Futures provides support to people working and living with mental health difficulties.

They are on hand to help employees, apprentices, and those who are self employed.

Giving you up to nine months help, this is mental health support with a difference. Able Futures offers practical, tangible assistance for anyone whose mental health is affecting their day to day working life. Whether you are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, self confidence or motivation issues, Able Futures can be there for you.

You will be assigned a mental health professional who will help you with a variety of topics, including coping techniques, helping you with daily struggles in your current job, help to settle you into a new job, and advice on how to speak to your employer about getting the right reasonable adjustments to suit you.

All of the professionals working for Able Futures, are part of the British Association for Counselling. This is a fantastic FREE service, and even better, no waiting list!

Don’t struggle alone. There is help there for you. You can complete an easy self referral online, or over the phone. To complete online, click here

If you would rather speak to someone, please call 0800 321 3137

For further information about Able Futures, and how they could support you, click here


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